We believe that everyone should be free to express themselves in their appearance and live their own version of beauty. No matter how old you are, who you are or where you come from, at ZMILE you can be yourself - and much more: what you want to be. With our products, everything is possible and nothing is judged or criticised. In our world, you should forget everyday life and simply zmile. That is our mission. Very simple.
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Who are the ZMILErs?

We are BriConti GmbH, an established company based near Hamburg. We have over 30 years of experience in fragrances and cosmetics. We started 19 years ago with a passion project and began developing, importing and distributing special beauty sets. It went through the roof and that's why we kept going and found our passion.
"We love trends, colours, looks, materials and everything that opens up new worlds. You can see that in our products. And we encourage everyone to simply try things out, to be open to new things. OPEN YOUR SMILE! That means: open yourself, don't be afraid, be creative, live out your personality."
- Your ZMILE Team

What is ZMILE quality?

Our passion for decorative cosmetics, which manifested itself in the ZMILE COSMETICS brand in 2018, is also expressed in our product quality. From the initial idea to the finished product, everything is developed and answered for by our expert team. That way, we can always guarantee the quality of our products. A few insights for you:
  • Our cosmetic products are produced in accordance with European Cosmetics Regulation EC (1223/2009).
  • Our manufacturers produce in accordance with the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. This defines, among other things, requirements for hygiene, premises, equipment, documentation, and controls.
  • Our products are subject to constant quality controls carried out by official independent testing institutes.
If you have further questions about the products, please check our ZMILE FAQ or contact us.
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What would you like to know about ZMILE? We'll tell you!

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Are the cosmetics tested in a laboratory?
Where are the make-up cases and make-up sets made?
Are the products also suitable for children?
Is it possible to buy individual components?
Were animal experiments carried out for the production?
Are the products vegan?