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Unlock Your Inner Glow

Young woman is made up with eye shadowBlonde woman with made up eyes
What an appearance! In this look, orange was applied to the center of the eyelid and provides a very special eye-catcher with each eye look.

Shiny Eyes

young woman is made up with eye shadowmade up teenager in front of gold glitter curtain
This makeup look is perfect for highlighting the eyes. Smokey eyes combined with shimmery eyeshadow makes for a dramatic but glamorous look. Let your eyes shine!

Get Ready With Blue

Teen gets made up with eye shadowyoung woman, made up with eye shadow, lipstick
Experiment with blue, as in this fresh look. The eyeshadow, applied on the mobile lid, can be combined with a dark eyeliner and mascara to emphasize the eyes even more.

Electric Dreams

Girl is made up with eye shadowyoung woman made up with eye shadow
Pink and blue play the main role in this eye-catching yet playful look. The eyes are emphasized with a shimmering eye shadow. An ideal look for festivals or parties.

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Life should be like a cotton candy: sweet and fluffy. Or like a popcorn machine that pops out good cheer at the push of a button. Of course, we know that's not always the case, but we're happy to give you inspiration for your daily Zmilen!

What else your ZMILE can do

Throw away a ZMILE product? Never!! We'd rather reuse, remake, and rearrange. Because your make-up case can still become so many beautiful and useful things.
Reused cosmetic case as storage box
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Glasses box with sunglasses
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